Lenka Klodová

1969 born in Opava, Czech Republic

studied Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design /AAAD/ in Prague. Being originally sculptor she works in different media,she prefers conceptual line of creation – photography, instalation, performance, art research. Her researches are focused on visual presentation of human relationships and on relation between art, human /specially women´s/ sexual experience and pornography. She received Ph.D. for art research on pornographic magazine for women. Since 2010 she became a head of Studio of Body design at Faculty of Fine Art at Brno University of technology. Her favorite academical and artistic topic is now human nudity as very natural state of body on one side and very political gesture on the other side. Recently her book Naked Situations – a guide through the main naked moments in contemporary society and catalogue of her works with nudity – was published. She is running The Festival of naked forms in Prague– experimental platform for testing understanding of nudity in performance art and in Humanities.



1984 – 1987 gymnasium Ostrava

1987 – 1990 pedagogical faculty Ostrava, czech language and art department

1990 – 1997 The Academy of Art, Architecture and Design , Prague,

1990-91 department of design

1991-97 department of sculpture

1992 – scholarship at  Staffordshire Polytechnic, England

1994 – scholarship at  Escola de las Belas Artes, Lisabon, Portugal

2000 – assistant at department of sculpture, AAAD Prague

2002 – 2005  doctor studies at AAAD Prague

2005 –   PhD. acquired

2007 – external teacher at Faculty of Fine Arts Brno University of Technology

2010 – head of Studio of Body Desing at FFA BUT

2014 – doc. acquired






GATE art zone’12:  performance  Lenka Klodová  | collage Andrea Isa  | 2019

6.Lenka Klodova GATE art zone 12 s

photos: Angelika Fojtuch