Andrea Isa

born 1969 outside a small village in Germany


2010 – 2012      studies at the “Alma Mater School for Artistic Photography” with Katharina Mayer and Birgitta Thaysen, Düsseldorf
2004 – 2005     Guest auditor, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, class Prof. Daniel Buren
2003 – 2004     Guest auditor, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, class Prof. Gerhard Merz
1998 – 2002     Studies of fine arts, Western Galilee College, Acco, Israel


I am busy deconstructing and re-constructing the world around me by means of photography.

I am often interested in so called non-spaces, places where you don`t really want to stay for long because of their noise, hostility or coldness


Likewise, I am interested in people at the margins of society.

Odd ducklings and eccentrics

So-called mad ones


On the other hand, working class people, especially women,

who carry their burden with dignity.


GATE art zone’11 | 2019

GATE art zone 11 Fojtuch Isa_sGATE art zone 11 Fojtuch- Isa_sGATE art zone 11 A.Fojtuch-A.Isa. _sjpg

GATE art zone 11_sGATE art zone 11 Isa_s


photos: Angelika Fojtuch