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Frauke Berg and Anja Lautermann are observers of the city. Their eyes are drawn by those gestures of the crowd which reflect the unconscious collective voice, that of the supposed individualists. Through drawings and music they translate the urban space into an audio-visual reflection. To see with your ears and to hear with your eyes. That defines the approach of the approximately 20-minute-long performance, a collage on the theme of careful listening and precise observation. Through drawings and sound – with some electronics and animation thrown in – the two artists, in a very personal way, measure the pulse of the city.


Frauke Berg

draws, animates and interwove own pictures with electronic sounds and voice. On the label of the Düsseldorf Slowboy records she released 2010 vinyl single “Ten Little Bugs”. In Residence Scholarship 2012 City of Tampere in Finland, she worked most recently with the topic of language and animation .

Visual communication : Fachhochschule Dusseldorf / Diploma with Prof. Wolf Erlbruch Painting and drawing : Ecole Régionale des Beaux Arts de Besançon / France with Prof. Debuiges Visiting Students Dusseldorf Art Academy class Prof. Rissa


Anja Lautermann

flutes, different tone generators and instruments, live electronics, field recordings

Anja Lautermann explores the different sonic possibilities of the flute and other tone generators, calling on both traditional and experimental playing techniques and different musical styles. A recurrent theme in her work is the expansion of the range of the “soft” sounds – such as those of the flute – through the use of electronics, to arrive at a wider instrumental use.

Anja Lautermann is a member of the WELTAUSSTELLUNG  ensemble, with whom she has performed in numerous concerts, installations and projects in Germany and abroad. Aside from regular solo performances, she also collaborates with video-, performance- and visual artists.

Anja Lautermann was born in 1966 in Dusseldorf / Germany. She has completed a music degree at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam in the subjects Flute,Classical Music and Jazz Improvisation. Since 1989 she teaches at the Music School of Neuss. Moreover, she explores musical border regions, develops sound experiments and deals with improvisation and jazz. She played in ” Ort Ensemble ” with Peter Kowald and Evan Parker, gave Club concerts with the group Perlon and is co-founder of the ensemble “weltAusstellung”


SOUND PERFORMANCE – 2017 – GATE art zone

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