Patrycja Mastej

I’m inspired by the creative method of Butoh dancers wich treats the body as an image constantly shaped by feelings. In my works I try to express and purify, with carefulness and sensitivity the history of body from various hurricanes, traumas, that impede to manifest joy fully –  joy understood as a source of power and inner certainty, as the center of vibration allowing free creations. I’m practicing collage, drawing, textile sculptures, painting and installation. I explore the memory of the cells, reveal sensations and blockages in order to let them speak.
In the second parallel creative path I create large interactive panoramas allowing evrybody to juggle with images without limits (in which, I transform my own photographs into moving pictures).
GATE art zone 2018
Patrycja Mastej_ GATE art zone1Patrycja Mastej_ GATE art zone 2.jpg