Marlon Bösherz

He was born.
He lives.
He will die.

His work is a mixture of different art forms, in which he combines several
materials, performances (presentations), paintings, poems, scripture and
sculpture (objects) with a lot of confidence, even faith, in his gut and a quite
well base of know- how.

Improvisation is always part of his work and a feeling for room (its special
light and energies) and empathy for the surrounding.
“Where is that chamber?
Where is that chamber?
Behind your dizzy old eyes
Where you and me have met
In a long passed former life
In an equal age and size
Behind the nowhere valley
Filled with thousands of colours
All-colours, everywhere-colours
You can only feel
Where is that chamber you´ve shut?”


GATE art zone /  Students Interaction  / 2018

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