Inken Boje

The german artist Inken Boje. born in 1959 in Düsseldorf, studied art in the art academy of Düsseldorf. She started out as a sculptress and considers herself still as a sculptress although she exploited her work in the field of installation, video, painting and photography. She took classes of Tony Cragg, Nan Hoover and Ulrich Rückriem. Her work deals with the focus on human identity in society including the surroundings. Her work range can cover big installations as covering up a whole church with white paper, to a constant developing photo series “In good company” she is working on since 2005. Photography and painting became her steady companions. Her focus is on the perfection of the imperfection in her art. The Japanese call it “Wabi Sabi”. In Boje´s opinion the “imperfection” tends to give clues for development of thoughts and includes the spectator already in the art work. She exhibited her works all over the country and represented in various private and official collections.

MURAL – 2017 – GATE art zone

Gate art zone Düsseldorf 22.04.2017 137

Gate art zone Düsseldorf 22.04.2017 156